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The processing of beef jerky involves adding sodium and sugar to prolong shelf life. But there are other additives that go into the making of this high-protein food.

“Many jerky brands can contain potentially harmful preservatives like nitrates as well as added sugar and excess sodium,” explains Lauren Bloch, a registered dietitian and co-founder of wellness company MELA Health (via Verywell Fit). Bloch advises seeking out nitrate-free brands that are low in sodium and sugar and have familiar ingredients. When it comes to sodium content, registered dietitian Courtney Dunn recommends aiming for 140 milligrams per serving (per Refinery29). And while they might be a challenge to find at a gas station, Savage told Women’s Health that a lot of jerky brands are now offering healthier options with reduced sugar content.

Travel-related stops aside, jerky could make a beneficial snack for those who work out, too. If you know how much protein you should eat after a workout, check the packaging to know its protein content, as not all meat jerky varieties come with the same amount.

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