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Even though signs like indigestion, changes in bathroom habits, or bloating might be common, it also helps to know what else factors into your risk of ovarian cancer. As mentioned earlier, older women are more likely to develop ovarian cancer, but the rare cases of ovarian cancer in younger women are easier to treat, according to UCSF Health.

Women should also consider their family history. Women who have a first-degree relative with ovarian cancer can have up to four times higher risk of ovarian cancer, per a 2023 article in Menopause Review. Those with the BRCA gene mutation or other genetic mutations are also at increased risk for certain cancers.

Waiting until you’re after 35 to have a child — or never having a child at all — also increases your risk of ovarian cancer. Women taking hormone replacement therapy are also at risk. You’ll also want to take a look at your diet. A diet high in fat has a six-fold increased risk of ovarian cancer, according to a 2016 article in the International Journal of Cancer.

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