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You’re more likely to notice a greater interest in sex if you commit to a regular cardio exercise routine. That’s largely because the benefits of exercise, like improved mood and energy levels, correlate with greater confidence, which can in turn increase your sex drive. The less that you exercise, the greater the possibility that your libido may plummet.

Interestingly, there’s such a thing as exercising too much, too — and that could actually cause your libido to drop. It’s best to stick with moderate cardio workouts if you’re concerned about a declining sex drive, explains Rebecca Alvarez, a sexologist, to InStyle. She says that regular exercise is typically linked to general feelings of wellbeing, which in turn is linked to a greater interest in sex. Adds Ana Gonzalez Herrera, a holistic health professional, “Moderate exercise has been shown to boost testosterone levels in men and women.” As testosterone is a sex hormone responsible for regulating libido, among other things, it’s reasonable to associate this boost with an improvement in intimacy.

What’s the problem with doing more cardio than average? It all comes down to overdoing it. Grayson Wickham, D.P.T., C.S.C.S., a physical therapist, tells InStyle, “Overtraining syndrome is caused by a combination of too much exercise and not enough recovery.” That can cause you to feel exhausted, agitated, and generally overwhelmed, all of which can cause your sex drive to tank.

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