The Toilet Paper Mistake You Never Knew Could Worsen Hemorrhoids (Especially If You’re Over 50) – Health Digest

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Even if you’re actively treating hemorrhoids, wiping with dry toilet paper can derail any improvements. Hemorrhoid tissue is sensitive to begin with, and raking the area with a handful of dry toilet paper may prompt itching, bleeding, or burning sensations, according to Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists. The greater the irritation, the longer hemorrhoids are likely to stick around. “Usually when people wipe, they wipe over and over and over again causing irritation and prolonging the ailments,” Miki Agrawal, founder of the bidet brand Tushy, told the Daily Mail in a discussion on how toilet paper can worsen hemorrhoids and other health conditions.

As your hemorrhoids are on the mend, you’ll want to implement some different methods for cleaning the anal region. Still, if toilet tissue is the only option at your disposal, consider purchasing a can of toilet paper cleansing foam. The product moistens dry toilet paper, thereby making it less abrasive on the skin. If possible, however, it’s best to rule out toilet paper entirely. Here are two tushy-cleaning techniques to use instead.

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