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If You Lose Weight Too Quickly, This Is What Happens To Your Body – Health Digest

Severely restricting your calorie intake puts you at risk of electrolyte imbalances, which can impact heart and muscle function. WebMD explains that electrolytes are minerals, [more…]

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9 Effective Ways To Lose Weight Gain Caused By Medication – Health Digest

One of the best dietary adjustments you can make to help lose the weight caused by your medication is to reduce or eliminate sugar in [more…]

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If You Don’t Eat Enough Protein, This Is What Happens To Your Weight – Health Digest

Protein also helps your body recover from illness, according to the London Health Sciences Centre. When you’re sick, you quickly deplete your levels of albumin, [more…]

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Eat This Popular Fruit To Shed Excess Water Weight – Health Digest

While most people get too much sodium in their diets, they don’t get enough potassium. An adequate amount of potassium each day is 2,600 milligrams [more…]

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The Hormone That Can Help Predict Your Risk Of Weight Gain – Health Digest

Estrogen plays a pivotal role in regulating various aspects of women’s health, including fat distribution. Recent studies have revealed some fascinating insights into the relationship [more…]

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The Best Time Of Day To Drink Milk For Weight Loss – Health Digest

Skynesher/Getty Images Growing up, milk and cookies might have been your favorite bedtime snack, but you probably didn’t want your friends to see you drink [more…]

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How Much Water You Should Drink Daily If You Want To Lose Weight – Health Digest

You might already order soup or a salad at a restaurant before your main entree, but this practice helps you eat less at your meals. [more…]

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Could This Common Protein Shake Ingredient Jeopardize Your Weight Loss Goals? – Health Digest

Fruit has numerous health benefits, but when it comes to adding it to your protein shake, there are some essential things to keep in mind. [more…]

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How Much Weight Can You Really Lose While You Sleep? – Health Digest

Everything from your metabolism, hunger hormone, and stress response is influenced by how much and how well you sleep. And these factors all contribute toward [more…]

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Single-Food Weight Loss Diets You Should Avoid At All Costs – Health Digest

While strawberries are indeed a nutritious fruit, relying solely on them for an extended period is not a balanced approach to nutrition, which is what [more…]