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While ibuprofen offers many benefits when it comes to pain relief, it can simultaneously have negative effects on our stomach. NSAIDs aggravate our stomach lining by hindering the production of certain enzymes critical to its protection (via Creaky Joints). While blocking these enzymes helps minimize pain and inflammation, it can also lead to a mild stomach ache.

In severe cases, NSAID use can result in stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, or the development of holes in the stomach lining. Older adults who take ibuprofen on an ongoing basis may be more susceptible to such gastrointestinal issues, reports Johns Hopkins Medicine

However, ingesting a cup of milk with the medication can help minimize abdominal discomfort and may protect against more severe side effects. Research findings from a 2011 animal study published in the Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine (Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi) revealed a connection between rats who were fed cow colostrum (a cow’s first milking after giving birth) and increased protection against NSAID-related intestinal damage as well as greater preservation of the small intestine lining compared to other rodent groups in the study.

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