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This Unexpected Drink Can Actually Decrease Hydration – Health Digest

[ad_1] If you're looking to increase your hydration levels throughout the day, be wary of this popular kind of "healthy" drink. It may actually make[more...]
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Can The Way You Sleep Change Your Personality? What We Know – Health Digest

[ad_1] To adequately differentiate between genetic and environmental factors' impact on sleep, the study amalgamated a large sample of twins to act as participants. Given[more...]
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This Plant-Based Milk Has The Least Amount Of Sugar – Health Digest

[ad_1] When choosing between dairy and plant-based options, it's essential to understand the differences in sugar content. Undeniably Dairy, a program sponsored by the Innovation Center[more...]
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We Tried The Digital Detox Trend & Our Mindset Completely Changed – Health Digest

[ad_1] As someone accustomed to being constantly tethered to devices, the decision to temporarily part ways with screens was deliberate and maybe a little anxiety-inducing.[more...]
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The Worst Time Of Year To Start A Diet – Health Digest

[ad_1] The absolute worst time of year to start a diet is during New Year's. Adopting a healthier lifestyle and picking up a new diet[more...]
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New Study Shows A Common Medication Could Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality Rates – Health Digest

[ad_1] A 2023 study in JAMA Network Open followed more than 13,000 women with invasive breast cancer. Women who started taking prescription statins to lower[more...]
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Here’s What Happens When You Eat Bread On An Empty Stomach – Health Digest

[ad_1] While white bread's occasional spike in your blood sugar is probably harmless, your body can become less responsive to insulin to bring down your[more...]
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These 9 Common Food Storage Mistakes Are Putting Your Health At Risk – Health Digest

[ad_1] As Live Science notes, it's possible for Listeria bacteria to be in ice cream. Benjamin Chapman, a food safety expert at North Carolina State[more...]