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The Healthiest Midnight Snacks You Can Eat For A Better Night’s Sleep – Health Digest

[ad_1] Maggie Moon's first healthy midnight snack suggestion is a ¼ cup of walnuts mixed with chopped kiwi. As a staple of the sleep-friendly Mediterranean[more...]
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9 Medications You Should Avoid Taking Before Going To Sleep – Health Digest

[ad_1] Corticosteroids are used to tame inflammation due to allergies, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other conditions. They work by slowing your immune system's response[more...]
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Eating Kiwi Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Sleep – Health Digest

[ad_1] In a 2011 study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers recruited 24 participants to analyze how kiwi consumption impacted sleep.[more...]
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The Little-Known Berry That’s Low-Calorie And Can Help You Sleep – Health Digest

[ad_1] The Cleveland Clinic estimates that around 50 million people throughout the United States struggle with their sleep. If you're one of them, you may[more...]
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We Tried TikTok’s Sweatshirt Hack To Sleep Like A Baby. Here’s How It Went – Health Digest

[ad_1] According to Callie Galey, start by folding a sweatshirt of your choice in half with the sleeves left to hang down. Then, place it[more...]
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The Popular Sleep Medication You Should Avoid Taking With Coffee At All Costs – Health Digest

[ad_1] There's a reason why coffee has been classically touted as a morning pick-me-up beverage. It jolts your system awake. "Caffeine works by blocking sleep-promoting receptors[more...]
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How to look after your Bone & Muscle Health during Menopause

[ad_1] 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 are said to be suffering from osteoporosis. Nutritionist Natalie Rouse reveals her 4 essential tips[more...]
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The Essential Oil That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure While You Sleep – Health Digest

[ad_1] Researchers from a 2012 clinical trial published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand tested the physiological effects of inhaling lavender oil versus[more...]