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Can You Get Salmonella From Peanut Butter? – Health Digest

[ad_1] The researchers outlined that one of the reasons people may believe peanut butter is low-risk for salmonella contamination is because it has a low[more...]
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How To Order A Healthier Starbucks Drink, According To Our Dietitian – Health Digest

[ad_1] Usually the work of flavored syrups, Starbucks has no shortage of sweet, caffeinated treats to choose from. If you are looking to keep added[more...]
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When You Stop Drinking Coffee, This Is What Happens To Your Heart – Health Digest

[ad_1] Advent Health explains that when you drink coffee, the caffeine in it enters your bloodstream through your stomach and small intestine. Once it enters your[more...]
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The Spanish Cheese That Has More Protein Than Meat – Health Digest

[ad_1] Manchego cheese also slightly beats out salmon in the protein column, but an ounce of cooked chicken breast provides 9 grams of protein. Of course,[more...]
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The Popular Protein That Can Give Your Butt A Firm Boost – Health Digest

[ad_1] According to the authors of a 2019 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, milk and whey protein eaten by people who are doing resistance training[more...]
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Supplements You Should Avoid Taking With Magnesium At All Costs – Health Digest

[ad_1] According to @henrythepharmacist, a compounding and nutrition pharmacist expert on TikTok, certain supplements should not be taken at the same time as magnesium since[more...]
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Eating Celery Every Day Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Cholesterol – Health Digest

[ad_1] Researchers previously believed it was a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide that contributed to celery's cholesterol-lowering potential, according to an older article in Clinical and Experimental[more...]
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Men Over 50 Should Avoid Eating This Popular Breakfast Food – Health Digest

[ad_1] The American Heart Association suggests that men should limit their daily sugar intake to 36 grams a day. If you start your day with a[more...]
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When You Eat Cashews Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Gut – Health Digest

[ad_1] Bluecinema/Getty Images A healthy gut means more than making sure your food properly digests without bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. According to UCLA Health, 70%[more...]
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Eating Peanut Butter Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Prostate – Health Digest

[ad_1] The key reason why peanut butter can help with alleviating BPH symptoms lies in beta-sitosterol, which is a type of plant-based, cholesterol-inhibiting compound called[more...]