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Not Eating These 11 Foods Can Increase Early Death Risk – Health Digest

You may not automatically think of legumes when building up a healthy dinner plate, but this family of flowering plants, which include beans (kidney, pinto, [more…]

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The Best Foods To Eat After Having Your Blood Drawn – Health Digest

Iron is an essential mineral needed for making hemoglobin, which is a protein found in red blood cells. It’s used to carry oxygen from your [more…]

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These 13 Unexpected Foods Are Higher In Calcium Than A Glass Of Milk – Health Digest

Canned sardines are treasures in tin cans that offer convenience with a plethora of health benefits. With a remarkable 936 milligrams of calcium per 245-milliliter [more…]

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14 Processed Foods That Are Actually Good For You – Health Digest

Plastic containers of hummus are regular offerings in the pre-packaged and prepared foods section of many grocery stores. Does that mean you shouldn’t eat them? [more…]

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These 12 Foods Are Most Likely To Give You Food Poisoning – Health Digest

Consuming raw or undercooked oysters presents a significant risk of food poisoning, particularly from vibriosis, caused by Vibrio bacteria commonly found in coastal waters where [more…]

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Uncommon Foods That Are An Excellent Source Of Protein – Health Digest

Nutritional yeast (or nooch) may not sound appealing to the typical American, but the English have relied on it for close to a century. Chemists [more…]

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Tell-Tale Signs These Foods Aren’t Safe To Eat – Health Digest

When you think there might be a food shortage or other disaster, there’s a good reason that people reach for canned goods. These have a [more…]

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Unexpected Foods That Can Cause Itchy Skin – Health Digest

According to Food Allergies Atlanta, it’s extremely common for someone to have a tree nut allergy. This means a number of foods can be off [more…]

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Ultra Processed Foods – what are they and how can we avoid them?

What are Ultra Processed Foods? How do we spot them and how can we avoid them? Healthista spoke to Menopause Nutritionist from Menopause Brand Issviva [more…]

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17 healthy foods that fight depression – Healthista

A healthy diet not only supports us physically, but mentally, evidence shows. Vanessa ChalmersĀ talks to nutritionist May Simpkin about the healthy foods that fight depression [more…]