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Here’s What Happens When You Eat Bread On An Empty Stomach – Health Digest

While white bread’s occasional spike in your blood sugar is probably harmless, your body can become less responsive to insulin to bring down your blood [more…]

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These 9 Common Food Storage Mistakes Are Putting Your Health At Risk – Health Digest

As Live Science notes, it’s possible for Listeria bacteria to be in ice cream. Benjamin Chapman, a food safety expert at North Carolina State University [more…]

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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Smoothie Every Day – Health Digest

Aside from treating your taste buds, indulging in a daily smoothie can also give a radiant boost to your skin. Packed with antioxidant compounds like [more…]

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The Popular Carbohydrate That Has More Potassium Than A Banana – Health Digest

Potatoes are also packed with the antioxidant vitamin C. UC Davis Health says the darker the potato’s skin color, the more antioxidants it contains. Potatoes [more…]

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Eat This High-Protein Cheese To Improve Your Gut Health – Health Digest

Skynesher/Getty Images You know it when you eat something that disagrees with you. Your stomach might make strange noises, or you could feel gassy. Sometimes [more…]

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This Popular Veggie Has More Protein Than You’d Expect – Health Digest

Make the most of this nutrient-packed vegetable by incorporating it into more meals. Mix broccoli with colorful veggies like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and red [more…]

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Why Your Pre-Workout Smoothie Could Be A Bad Idea – Health Digest

Even if you’re trying to increase your protein intake to build or retain muscle, adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie will slow [more…]

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Why You Should Be Eating This Protein-Packed Fungus – Health Digest

Not only do mushrooms rank just behind meat in terms of protein, but their amino acid profile is also similar to that of meat, with [more…]

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This Healthy Seed Has More Protein Than Beef – Health Digest

Growing evidence shows that shifting to plant-based proteins for your protein needs provides many health benefits. A 2018 study published in the International Journal of [more…]

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Eat This Popular Breakfast Food To Boost Hydration – Health Digest

Your favorite cold-weather breakfast might be a simple way to add to your daily hydration needs. Oatmeal requires at least a cup of water or [more…]