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The Life-Saving Glass Test That Can Help You Recognize A Serious Medical Emergency – Health Digest

Specific rashes can require medical attention; and some Tiktokers, like @drabby6, are pointing out the benefits of using the blanching test with a glass to [more…]

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Signs The Sore In Your Mouth Needs Medical Attention – Health Digest

Statistics within StatsPearl state that 1%-5% of cancers in the oral cavity are found in the hard palate. The most common cancer in the oral cavity [more…]

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Itchy Medical Conditions You Really Shouldn’t Scratch – Health Digest

You know how itchy hives can be if you’ve ever experienced an allergic reaction. Also called urticaria, hives are welts on your skin due to [more…]

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Avoid Eating Popcorn If You Have These Medical Conditions – Health Digest

If you’ve ever chomped down on an unpopped kernel by accident, you know how painful it can be! Unfortunately, those hard kernels can fracture teeth, [more…]

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Medical Conditions That Can Cause Loss Of Taste (That Aren’t Covid) – Health Digest

A cold isn’t nearly as debilitating as the flu, but it can be annoying. Caused by several different viruses, the common cold lasts for about [more…]