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Many cardiologists are also wary of processed meats. This includes products like salami, hot dogs, bacon, and beef jerky — although some experts state that beef jerky may be among one of the healthiest snacks you can find while on the go.

Consultant cardiologist Dr. Neil Srinivasan told The Telegraph that he advises against salami, in particular, which can be loaded with calories and saturated or trans fats, otherwise known as unhealthy fats. This includes snacks in which salami and other processed meats may be hiding, such as on pizzas or in sausage rolls. When fried in oil or butter, this can be a recipe for high cholesterol and heart disease.

“Sometimes the addition of suet, dripping, deep-frying in lard or wrapping things in bacon might enhance flavour but it’s just heaping on more additives,” Dr. Srinivasan told the outlet. Not to mention the added salt that can be found in processed meats, which draws water into our blood vessels and boosts blood pressure — another factor known to contribute to heart disease. Dr. Sharonne Hayes, professor of cardiovascular medicine, told Yahoo! News that processed meats also often contain nitrates, which have been linked to cancer.

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