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Does TikTok’s Citrus Hack Actually Stop Any Coughing? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

Perhaps there’s a reason your mother touted the benefits of vitamin C whenever you felt like you were coming down with something. According to Dr. Silvia [more…]

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TikTok Says This Hack Will Stop Nasal Congestion In Seconds. Here’s What The Science Says – Health Digest

Sharp begins her sinus massage at the lymph nodes just above the clavicle bone, using her fingertips to apply pressure. Then move to the area [more…]

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Use This Doctor-Approved Coke Hack To Dislodge Food That’s Stuck In Your Chest – Health Digest

According to Healthline, this hack may have something to do with what’s really in soda — the carbon dioxide gas. It could help break down the [more…]