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Sharp begins her sinus massage at the lymph nodes just above the clavicle bone, using her fingertips to apply pressure. Then move to the area at the inner corner of your eyes, just below the brow bone. Using your thumb, use an upward motion to press into the soft area below your brow, then move your thumbs up between your eyebrows and pull your thumbs along your forehead towards your temples.

Place your fingertips on your cheeks, starting at both sides of your nose, just above your nostrils. Pull your fingers away from your nose, like you’re trying to pull your nose apart. Use your thumbs to create a circular motion just below your cheekbones, sweeping out towards your ears and then above your jawline.

With your hands in a Vulcan salute (separating your middle and ring fingers), place your ears between your spread fingers, making small circles with your hands. Finally, use your fingertips in a circular motion to massage tense points in your neck.

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