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What It Means When Your Nose Burns – Health Digest

Frostbite is a painful condition that affects your body’s extremities when exposed to extreme cold. NHS states that it can happen at any temperature below [more…]

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What Happens When Water Accidentally Goes Up Your Nose – Health Digest

Viktoriia Hnatiuk/Shutterstock After waiting in a miles-long line at the water park, you’re finally up next for the waterslide. Hooray! If you’re someone who pinches [more…]

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What It Means When Your Nose Stings Right Before Crying – Health Digest

Not all sobbing is equal (per AARP). Did you know that there are three different types of tears; and sometimes, depending on the situation, your [more…]

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Why Squeezing Your Nose Pores Is A Bad Idea – Health Digest

According to skincare experts,¬†it is best to leave your pores, nose, and skin untouched. This means resisting¬†the urge to pick, squeeze, or pinch your nose, [more…]