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A 2023 analysis conducted by Ozmosi found that Hawaii has some of the healthiest residents. The study took data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that considered factors such as air quality, prevalence of obesity, chronic disease, and physical activity. Hawaii’s air quality, a lower percentage of inactive people, and a lower obesity rate contributed to its top rating. Hawaii has a mental health program called “Hawaii Cares,” which could point to its lower levels of depression compared to other states. Just 5.35% of people who live in Hawaii have cancer, and less than 5% have coronary heart disease.

Sociologists tell The Hill that Hawaii’s warm climate makes it easier to get outside and exercise. It also has a smaller variation in hours of daylight between the winter and summer solstices, which means more sunshine and healthy vitamin D. Hawaii also has a low percentage of residents who are uninsured because it mandates health insurance for employees who work 20 hours or more a week.

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