Brushing Your Teeth Before Sex Is More Dangerous Than You Think – Health Digest

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If you thought avoiding the main sex act — active penetration — and only engaging in oral sex could leave you less at risk of contracting an STI, think again. Although it’s not very common that you’d get HIV by engaging in oral sex, other diseases like herpes, HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and hepatitis B can occur when you go down on someone, per experts. And this can happen without a cut or scrape in your mouth.

But what about brushing your teeth after oral sex? We get it. You might not be the most eager to spend the rest of your day with that taste in your mouth. Health practitioners think this is also a bad idea, especially if you’re thinking of brushing or flossing soon after engaging in sexual activities. It’s the same thing as brushing before the act: You’re putting yourself at risk of creating abrasions that can invite dangerous bacteria and viruses to enter your bloodstream.

So what’s the deal with dental hygiene and sex? Can they not go together at all?

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