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Adding to the strength of this scent may be dehydration, explains Medical News Today. Because coffee serves as both a stimulant and a diuretic, it causes us to pee more, which can lead to dehydration if we’re not following up that double espresso with any water. The lack of water in our urine when we’re dehydrated can subsequently leave our pee smelling extra coffee-like.

Urine that smells like your afternoon cold brew is not considered dangerous on its own, according to Men’s Health. If, however, you’re experiencing additional symptoms like anxiety, headaches, or nausea, you may want to consider reducing your coffee consumption. While exceedingly rare, there is such a thing as a caffeine overdose, which can include symptoms of vomiting, chest pain, convulsions, fast heartbeat, and hallucinations, which warrant immediate medical attention. Although caffeine overdoses can be life-threatening, researchers from a 2022 case report published in Cureus point out that this risk is more often associated with high levels of caffeine supplementation. For comparison, the researchers point out that approximately 100 cups of coffee would need to be consumed very quickly to be at risk for caffeine intoxication.

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