‘After trying everything this is how I finally got healthy thick hair at 48’

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The Agent’s Secret on how Healthista Collective Expert Georgie Wolfinden now has the healthiest thick hair aged 48 after trying everything. Here’s what she suggests for glossy luscious locks 

I’d never really thought about my hair before until I hit 43 and then it suddenly all changed; I was heading towards a hair crisis.

I had always been lucky and had manageable, glossy, Greek hair but things were on the turn and sadly not for the better. It started with some shock shedding (apparently this is the official term) as my little girl had been very unwell with Leukaemia so the stress combined with growing a business and me going into perimenopause resulted in brittle, unhealthy, straw like hair that seemed to be falling out by the minute.

Panic set in and I felt emotional about the loss of my healthy hair.

With this in mind, I set out to find a solution which took me three gruelling years of trialling, testing and research to find the best solutions for my hair loss. All of my friends have had a degree of this and now I’m going to give you the low down on what works.

This has not only stopped the hair loss but also made my hair healthier in general and I have more of it again.

Getting your hormones and iron levels checked are important for us mid-lifers

My midlife hair gamechangers have included getting my hormones checked, looking at iron levels, changing my hair products, taking supplements that worked and discovering a hair transforming stem cell-based product CALECIM that gave me back my healthy hair and made it like it was in my early 30’s, now that’s impressive.

First, I check in with future facing doctor Dr Sabine Donnai who specialises in longevity at her VIAVI Clinic. She carries out a thorough check and bloods, looking at how my hormones are functioning, how high my stress levels are and if my iron levels are depleted.

I was indeed iron deficient and needed some adrenal support, so she advised me to take a range of supplements specific to my needs. For my hair she prescribed BioSil (a collagen supplement), and an iron supplement.

Getting your hormones and iron levels checked are important for us mid-lifers and it can be life changing to get the right support with supplements and HRT if needed. I didn’t need the HRT yet but sure I will soon, and I am all for it, the more help we can get the better.

Dr Donnai is fantastic and uses science but respects holistic practices and the right supplements, this well-rounded approach worked for me.

Here are my hair hero’s – they all have worked wonders on the quality, thickness, and glossiness of my hair

#1 Lowering my stress levels with Yoga

Hair loss for women is often linked to stress so I knew I had to find a way to lower my stress. One way that I could do this was to join the online yoga platform Movement for Modern Life twist-to-unwind.

This meant I could choose from a wonderful range of stress busting sequences and select the amount of time that I had to practice on any day. I have successfully been able to do 20 minutes a day and Claire Beagley’s twist series really worked to ground and calm me, and I could commit to doing it each day which is key as it allows yoga to become a good habit.

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#2 Biosil

I always like an inside out approach so supplements were something I was prepared to invest in. There are lots of collagens on the market, but this was the one that Dr Sabine recommended, and it has worked small miracles.

My hair stopped shedding after taking it diligently for three months. It was not getting thicker, but I was relieved that my hairbrush was not full of hair each day. This is a science backed supplement and can activate our bodies own production of collagen, keratin and elastin while also protecting the collagen we have.

#3 Iron IV drip

I did two things – I took a daily iron supplement that Dr Sabine recommended. Nutri Advanced Ferrodyn worked for me, but I also knew that I was so depleted I wanted to have an IV Drip and I was recommended to try Effect Doctors at Bamford who test your bloods to ensure how much iron you need and then give you an IV Infusion which instantly gave me more energy and restore my iron reserves for the coming year.

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#4 MONPURE London range

Whilst I was focusing on the health of my hair, one thing I hadn’t considered was the state on my scalp. It wasn’t something I had previously thought about, having never had any obvious issues such as dry skin or irritation.

However, I learnt from MONPURE that the hair follicles incubate within the scalp for two weeks before they flourish, so creating the optimum environment here is key to resilient hair growth.

Each formula is specifically designed to enhance scalp health and has exciting ingredients such as retinol, lactic acid and vegan silk peptides across them. Their whole range looks delectable on my bathroom shelf, but my favourite is the Clarifying Scalp Scrub.

I can feel it sloughing away anything ‘stuck’ on my scalp, and my hair has the most incredible bounce afterwards.

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#5 The ultimate hair treatment

Once I had begun to stop my hair shedding and felt calmer, I knew I wanted to reverse the hair loss and restore the thickness of my hair.

My first port of call was to contact Olivia Falcon, founder of the brilliant Editors List (a concierge service for those seeking the best advice on tweakments), she immediately recommended CALECIM.

With her stamp of approval, I booked in to see hair expert Dr Munir who analysed my scalp and confirmed I had an element of hair loss around the temples and at the back of my hair.

He recommended a 6-week programme of CALECIM, and he promised after six weeks I would begin to see my dead hair follicles begin to come to life. CALECIM works miracles and uses ground-breaking signalling within the hair follicle cells to send ‘cellular messages’ to the hair follicle cells stimulating growth and creating a healthier environment for hair growth.

After just three weeks I could see new hair sprouting, which was exciting, after six weeks my hair was looking thicker so I decided to commit to another 6 weeks and then I could really see hair looking thicker, glossier and becoming more resilient.

Some of my grey hairs also went back to being their original brown which I had not expected but CALECIM did say that this can happen in rare cases. The clinicals can be trusted and this was the icing on the cake for my hair transformation.

Today I continue to microneedle CALECIM into my scalp as I am keen to keep up the good work that its done and I can safely say I have the hair that I had now at 48 that I did in my mid 30’s. CALECIM delivers your best hair and can rewind the clock on hair aging.


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