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Tremfya has several common side effects. In the clinical studies, some people experienced upper respiratory infections, headaches, or pain at the injection site. Fewer people developed joint pain, stomach flu, and diarrhea. Others developed herpes simplex infections and fungal infections on the skin.

Some people experienced more serious side effects such as a hypersensitivity of the immune system that required hospitalization. You should stop using Tremfya if you develop symptoms such as trouble breathing, itching, tightness in your chest, lightheadedness, or swelling in your throat, mouth, or face. Because Tremfya could weaken your immune system, the drug also increases your risk of infection or tuberculosis. Call your doctor if you develop fever, muscle aches, burning during urination, diarrhea, or other symptoms of an infection. For a list of all the possible side effects, visit the Tremfya website. You should also make your doctor aware of any side effects you might experience while using Tremfya.

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