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Some people with stage 4 prostate cancer might experience pain, especially if the cancer begins compressing nerves. Doctors might be able to help manage pain through medication, but some pain could be alleviated by finding a comfortable position to sit or lie down. As blood flow changes in someone with metastatic prostate cancer, hands and feet might become blue or feel cold. The body doesn’t need as much oxygen, so breathing might become slower or more shallow. You might also notice a “death rattle” as fluid becomes backed up in the throat. (Hear an end-of-life researcher explain the death rattle).

Days or sometimes hours before death, a person with advanced prostate cancer could become drowsy or sleep more often. This extreme fatigue could also make it more difficult to recognize people, or it might cause hallucinations. Others might feel restless or irritable as physical symptoms such as constipation or difficulty urinating persist. Caregivers can make this easier by holding the person’s hand and keeping the environment calm.

Someone who is dying of prostate cancer might lose their appetite or stop drinking fluids. This might make the throat dry, so it helps to keep their mouth and lips moistened. The reduced food and fluid intake also means fewer trips to the bathroom.

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