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This exercise lets you stretch your lungs and your body. Begin standing with a slight bend at your knees and arms at your sides. Take an average inhale, then exhale all the air from your lungs while bending at the waist. Then inhale as you stand up again, raising your arms overhead for a stretch. Hold the inhale for 20 seconds, then exhale again as you bend over. Repeat this exercise three more times (per The Healthy).

According to the American Lung Association, you can also strengthen your lungs through diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing trains your body to recruit your diaphragm rather than your chest to breathe. While sitting down or lying on your back, place your hands on your belly. Breathe in through the nose with your mouth closed, feeling the belly expand as the diaphragm pushes the organs out. On the exhale, purse your lips like you’re blowing bubbles. Continue concentrating on deepening the breath for about five to 10 minutes, focusing on the belly expanding and contracting like a balloon.

This type of breathing also teaches you how to slow your breathing down and get in more oxygen, especially when you feel short of breath. Diaphragmatic breathing also requires less energy to breathe and helps induce calm.

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