What Happens To Your Kidneys When You Don’t Drink Enough Water – Health Digest

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Your kidneys filter out waste and excess minerals from your blood and send them out of your body through urine. Your kidneys also regulate your electrolyte levels, fluid levels, blood pressure, and red blood cell production. For your kidneys to do their work, you need water. Even though your body consists of about 60% water, your kidneys are almost 80% water.

These kidney stones can damage your body when they move through your urinary system. Some can’t pass through and can cause pain or infection. Not having enough water in your body can also cause the buildup of muscle proteins in the kidneys. Drinking enough water helps flush excess sodium and waste to keep your kidneys healthy.

You might notice symptoms of dehydration, such as muscle cramps, headaches, or fatigue, but your kidneys can also tell you if you’re not drinking enough water. If the color of your urine is dark and has a strong odor, you might need to drink some fluids (per Panoramic Health).

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