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The number one vision issue most often associated with rheumatoid arthritis is dry eyes, explains Banner Health. This is because RA impairs the functioning of the tear glands, making it difficult to keep the eyes hydrated. As a result, patients often experience irritation and blurry eyesight.

Pain, itching, burning, light sensitivity, redness, or floating spots in one’s vision are additional eye symptoms frequently experienced by those with RA. In some cases, these symptoms may be caused by scleritis, a condition in which inflammation affects the white portion of the eyeball (sclera). Alternatively, when the layer of the eye behind the sclera becomes inflamed, it’s known as uveitis. Finally, towards the back of the eye lies the retina, which can also be affected. Retinal vasculitis is a condition in which the blood vessels within the retina become inflamed. Those with rheumatoid arthritis may be susceptible to all three of these eye conditions.

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