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However, this equation was conceived before the 1950s. These days, there isn’t such a sharp curve in your risk of mortality every year because life expectancies have increased. In Sweden, 50-year-olds born in 1970 had an 11-fold lower death rate than those born in 1800, according to Our World in Data.

When you’re born, those first few months of your life can be risky. You’re just as likely to die in this young stage of life as you would when you’re 60. After that first year, your risk significantly drops 50-fold by the age of 10. Yet when you reach your teens, that’s when death rates make another sharp incline. That’s when you start to see a rise in deaths due to external causes like overdoses, poisonings, suicides, and accidents. Deaths from external causes occur at relatively the same rate until your mid-70s. However, deaths due to disease also sharply increase in your teenage years but increase at an exponential rate until the age of 80.

While death rates among infants might sound shocking, it’s better now than it’s been in the past. Using data from England and Wales, infant death rates in 2021 were 100 times lower than in 1921.

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