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Experts at NYU Langone Health explain that watermelon is high in natural sugar (fructose). Also referred to as “fruit sugar,” fructose can potentially aggravate symptoms of IBS. While the cause of IBS isn’t entirely clear, a 2015 research report published in Medical Hypotheses states that IBS has been seen in connection with fructose malabsorption. Because our capacity for fructose absorption differs from one person to the next, some individuals may be able to tolerate upwards of 30 grams of fructose while others may only be able to absorb up to 5 grams.

Joining watermelon in this high-fructose category are mangoes and apples. Similarly, high fructose corn syrup (an artificial sweetener) can often be found in candy, juice boxes, soda, condiments, and more. These food items may also bring about symptoms of IBS. For this reason, your doctor may suggest sticking to a low-FODMAP diet. Let’s break down exactly what this diet consists of.

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