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So you’re going grocery shopping, and you’ve parked far away from the supermarket to try to get some additional exercise. But even after you’ve returned home, there’s still a way to add another type of workout to this errand.

As Better Health Channel suggests, you can exercise with your groceries as you put them away, and specifically recommends using milk like a weight and lifting it up and down. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic says you can use soup cans instead of free weights when strength training. Strength training can not only increase muscle mass but also strengthen one’s bones, improve balance, and help with weight management. Strength training can also lower the chances of having joint injuries and osteoporosis. In addition, patients with conditions like diabetes, arthritis, depression, and heart disease might find strength training beneficial under the supervision of a medical professional.

Despite its potential health benefits, the Mayo Clinic notes that it’s possible to injure one’s muscles during strength training, especially if one’s muscles aren’t warmed up first. To help avoid this, you might want to do an aerobic exercise of some kind for five to 10 minutes before strength training. And even if you have to start with something lighter than a gallon of milk in your grocery order, eventually, as you continue strength training, your muscles should become stronger and be able to handle heavier items more easily.

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