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If you were to ask yoga practitioners about the sexual health benefits of the happy baby pose, they may not stop at what it does for you physically. While the stretch really does get into the sacroiliac region to relax those joints and muscles, there’s a lot more to yoga that focuses on unblocking your sacral chakra. 

As explained by New York-based gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck (via Byrdie), this yoga pose is also about emotional release and stress relief. “Stress can hinder enjoyable sex both physically and emotionally. Imagine stress tensing your muscles in the neck or back. The pelvic floor muscles can also tense up during times of stress and can lead to painful sex and in severe cases vaginismus,” explained the doctor. 

Additionally, there’s a lesser-discussed benefit through this practice (and yoga as a whole) that experts believe enhances a person’s sexual experience. When you do yoga every day, you connect with your inner self better. Plus, yoga teaches you to stay in the present, which is important for enhanced sexual experiences, according to a professor of psychology of human sexuality at the University of Florida, Laurie Mintz (via Women’s Health). “[Mindfulness is an] essential component for desire and arousal — you can’t orgasm when your brain is thinking about how you look, your ‘performance,’ or your emails.” In addition to sexual health benefits, the happy baby yoga pose can help relieve lower back pain and stretch your spine. 

Yoga aside, pilates can have an unexpected effect on your sex life too. You can click through to learn more.

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