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While castor oil may be suggested as a short-term treatment method for some patients with constipation, it comes with a number of side effects (via StatPearls). For this reason, the majority of doctors now opt for newer laxative medications. While olive oil or avocado oil are considered edible oils, castor oil does not fall into this category. Cleveland Clinic experts explain that consuming castor oil can make a person susceptible to severe dehydration, as the vegetable oil may prompt bloating, vomiting, extreme intestinal cramps, or explosive diarrhea. Yeah, we weren’t joking when we said the answer was messy …

Topical application of castor oil may sound like a safer bet, but this, too, can come with risks. Whether rubbing it directly onto your abdomen or securing a castor-oil soaked cloth on your stomach (called a castor oil pack), both methods can lead to rashes, skin irritation, or allergic reactions including contact dermatitis. Despite what TikTok may say, you don’t want to use castor oil as a means to promote weight loss or as a DIY treatment for any other health ailments. Rather, it should only be used if recommended by your doctor.

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