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Quite a few studies have looked at garlic’s properties that improve blood flow. For example, a 2023 study published in Nutrition and Health found that several fruits and vegetables (including garlic) were effective in the management of ED. A 2014 study published in The Aging Male, found that a non-prescription health-promoting medication in Japan that contained garlic extract was effective in improving ED in older men. 

Blood flow aside, garlic is thought to enhance sexual health and testosterone production in men too, per a 2018 systematic review of 18 experimental studies published in the Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology. The research concluded that the antioxidant properties in this herb could improve male fertility and that garlic could also boost spermatogenesis (the sperm cell production process) and testosterone levels. Testosterone performs many different functions in men, one of which is regulating sex drive. It’s possible that these studies are also alluding to the ability of allicin, a compound found in garlic, to improve blood flow and testosterone production. 

If you’re looking for natural ways to boost your sex drive, you could say you’ve found a gem in garlic. As we mentioned before, garlic is great at fighting chronic disease because of its rich supply of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic compounds). Antioxidants help improve serum sex hormone levels in men, per a 2020 study published in the Turkish Journal of Urology. Additionally, the S-allyl cysteine found in garlic blocks the formation of free radicals, thereby improving ED. It also enhances testosterone production. 

Did you know that garlic could make men smell better too?

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