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Some claim that the high cocoa content in dark chocolate also means a higher concentration of the endorphin-boosting compound phenylethylamine. There is also a theory about how certain chemicals found in dark chocolate help slow down the metabolism of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid in your brain that works similar to how THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) does, boosting dopamine production. Dark chocolate contains trace elements of anandamide too, although this negligible amount is unlikely to have any effect on dopamine production. 

Additionally, dark chocolate is thought to contain more theobromine than milk chocolate. Theobromine is considered a stimulant and could boost energy levels. More energy could mean longer-lasting activity in the bedroom for men. 

Another way in which dark chocolate could help improve low sex drive in men also has to do with dark chocolate’s unexpected link with depression. Dark chocolate contains a good amount of the serotonin-boosting amino acid tryptophan, and when your brain is producing more serotonin, you might be in a better mood and even experience sexual desire. According to licensed psychotherapist, cognitive neuroscientist, and certified sex therapist Nan Wise (via Well+Good), there isn’t solid scientific proof to back the sexual arousal effects of dark chocolate; however, the mood-boosting effect could lead to enhanced intimacy. “The most important sex organ is your brain,” explained the expert. If your brain is happy and relaxed, your body might be more inclined to engage in sex too. 

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