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The Up-And-Coming Mosquito Repellent That May Be Able To Prevent Itchy Bites – Health Digest

The idea of using perfumes to prevent itchy bites from mosquitos¬†isn’t necessarily a new one. Essential oils that contain citronella,¬†geranium, and peppermint are just some [more…]

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Where Is PMS Bites From Shark Tank Season 7 Today? – Health Digest

Green shared that PMS Bites had made a little over $13,400 in sales over the course of seven months and that she had spent the [more…]

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Relieve Your Itchy Mosquito Bites With This Medicine Cabinet Essential – Health Digest

Many of the ingredients in Vicks VapoRub that help ease frustrating cold symptoms are the same ones that may offer itch relief from mosquito bites. [more…]