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Sulforaphane is in its inactive form in vegetables like broccoli and kale. It becomes active when it meets with the plant’s enzymes which are part of its defense system. The process of chopping your broccoli releases these enzymes and transforms the inactive form into sulforaphane, as does chewing your broccoli. However, you’ll want to eat the broccoli raw if you want most of the benefits of sulforaphane. Boiling or microwaving this vegetable reduces the important nutrient, while steaming it for a few minutes can maximize the benefits of sulforaphane (per Healthline).

Not only does sulforaphane help you poop, but it also protects you against cancer, according to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Sulforaphane protects your cells against damage from free radicals produced by food additives, pollution, and UV rays. Cancer-promoting inflammation can be stomped out by the nutrient. You’ll also protect your DNA and slow the growth of tumors. 

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