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Swift told TIME that she started physically preparing for the Eras Tour half a year in advance. Her exercise routine involved daily runs on the treadmill while she belted out all 40+ songs to be performed. The star described how she picked up the pace for more upbeat songs while slowing her stride to a brisk walk or jog for slower tracks. With the help of her gym in developing a personalized training program, Swift’s workout routine expanded to include strength, conditioning, and weight training, which was followed by three months of dance training. The “Blank Space” singer adds that she also abstained from alcohol during this time.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of adding some T-Swift karaoke to your treadmill workout, know that it may put your endurance to the ultimate test. While Swift has had her fair share of practice by now, the combination of running and singing may leave the rest of us out of breath. “Her lung capacity is higher than what the average person’s lung capacity, who isn’t doing a lot of things, may be,” certified personal trainer Teddy Savage told Well+Good¬†when commenting on her treadmill practice. “It is naturally strengthening her lungs and her body and her diaphragm to be able to do what she’s doing on that treadmill.”

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