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Lalah Delia, a certified spiritual practitioner and author of the mindfulness book “Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power,” told Today that silent walking isn’t a new concept. “Zen Buddhist monks have long practiced silent walking under a different name which they call “walking meditation,'” explained Delia. Even before this trend came along, proponents of mindfulness have often talked about its mental health benefits. Unplugging from devices, distractions, and responsibilities to give space to your inner self can reduce stress and bring clarity and creativity. 

In a world where we move from one task to the next, filling the little pauses we get by scrolling through our phones or sitting in front of the TV, until we get to bed at night and are finally alone with our thoughts for a few minutes before we drift off to sleep, silent walking is about embracing stillness during the day. In fact, according to Delia, much like sleeping, silent walking is another form of rest. 

When you mindfully focus on your breathing, walking, surroundings, and the thoughts that flutter into your head, you’re training yourself to stay in the present and hold space for your ruminations. As shared by triple board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Raafat W. Girgis (via Fox News), “Participants will learn how to reduce stress in areas of concern — from work and family to finance pressures and possibly even world affairs.” 

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