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Now, what’s the connection between dairy and hypothyroidism? Well, medical professionals at NP Thyroid have determined that cow’s milk and dairy products have been proven to exacerbate the production of inflammatory chemicals within the human body. These inflammatory chemicals can have negative effects on your brain and other parts of the body, including your thyroid if you are experiencing hypothyroidism. This correlation occurs because chronic inflammation reduces the number of thyroid receptors in the body, and may even affect the normal functioning of your thyroid hormones. 

Additionally, a 2017 study found that dairy can even interfere with the body’s absorption of a popular, commonly prescribed thyroid medication (via the Endocrine Society). The medication, levothyroxine, demonstrated a sharp decrease in absorption rate when consumed with cow’s milk, which consequently hindered its functionality in the body as well. In consideration of this, medical doctors at Paloma Health recommend that individuals with hypothyroidism either limit or completely eliminate dairy products from their diet. 

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