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While protein bars may not be ideal for a pre-run snack due to their slower digestion rate, they come into their own after a run, offering a range of advantages that can aid in recovery and overall post-run nutrition. During your run, your body taps into its glycogen reserves as its primary energy source (via Mayo Clinic).

“The main advantage of having a protein bar after a run, especially compared to before the run, is that it can be used to help with recovery,” Moody explains. “The combination of carbs and protein that can be (or should be) found in a good protein bar helps the body to replenish its glycogen and repair the muscles.”

After a long run, hunger often strikes. Protein bars offer a convenient and nutritious option to stave off hunger. Moody notes that they can help prevent runners from indulging in foods with inflammatory compounds that might delay recovery. Protein bars are portable and require no preparation, making them a hassle-free option for post-run refueling.

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