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How Long It Takes To Build A Tolerance To Energy Drinks (It’s Shorter Than You Think) – Health Digest

Caffeine is a great way to get a morning boost. But when you have it every morning, it loses effectiveness. Research in PLoS One asked [more…]

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Here’s How Long Protein Actually Stays In Your Body – Health Digest

Some proteins can be digested within 30 minutes or up to two hours. While they might be great for a post-workout recovery, these proteins don’t [more…]

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The Protein-Rich Food You Should Avoid Eating Before A Long Run – Health Digest

While protein bars may not be ideal for a pre-run snack due to their slower digestion rate, they come into their own after a run, [more…]

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Summer holiday prep – 4 skincare tips for a long haul flight – Healthista

Healthista asked founder of Cecilia London and facialist Cecilia Ross her top tips for taking care of your skin before, during, and after a long [more…]