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Some proteins can be digested within 30 minutes or up to two hours. While they might be great for a post-workout recovery, these proteins don’t help you feel full for too long. Whey, pea, and collagen protein powders are fast-digesting proteins (per Vidafuel).

Other proteins can take up to four hours to completely digest in your body. These slower-digesting proteins include some plant-based proteins and casein. Proteins found in whole foods also digest a little more slowly. Slow-digesting proteins will help you feel fuller for longer and also help feed your muscles while you sleep.

The speed at which protein digests through your system can also depend on whether or not you consume your protein with fats and carbohydrates. If you have protein on an empty stomach, it will digest faster. Fats and carbs with your protein will slow down the digestive process. However, your individual metabolism, activity level, and body composition can make the digestion process faster or slower (per Kos).

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