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People who already supplement their diets know what happens to their bodies when they start taking whey protein. A 2024 article in Food and Humanity said that bioactive compounds not only help build muscle and recover from a hard workout, but they also might tackle cancer. Whey protein contains special compounds that can interfere with the way cancer cells grow and spread by blocking certain cellular pathways involved in cancer development. In particular, the lactoferrin in whey protein might slow the growth of cancer cells, kill cancer cells, and prevent the formation of blood vessels that support tumors. However, clinical studies on humans haven’t found direct anti-cancer properties of whey protein, according to a 2019 review in Pharmacological Research.

Whey protein can also support traditional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation by helping to reduce side effects. Supplementing with whey protein can protect against cancer-related weight loss and muscle wasting, known as cancer cachexia syndrome. The high amount of the amino acid leucine found in whey protein supports muscle growth, and whey protein affects the IGF-1 hormone that aids in developing muscle.

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