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Casein is a complete protein containing all the amino acids your body needs; and it is slow-digesting, which provides a steady supply of nutrients to your muscles and organs. Casein hydrolysate, in particular, works by inhibiting the angiotensin I-converting enzyme, or ACE enzyme, which can constrict blood vessels and trigger inflammation. It may also help neutralize free radicals in the body. By adding more casein protein to your diet, you may be able to significantly and naturally lower your blood pressure, according to the 2022 review in Nutrients.

According to the American Heart Association, having a little more weight can put additional stress on your heart and blood vessels. Casein protein can also help you reduce excess weight, according to Cleveland Clinic. If you consume foods with casein protein, your stomach digests them more slowly. This helps you to feel fuller between meals and can reduce your cravings. The leucine in casein also speeds your body’s metabolism.

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