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Fruit-only diets aside, there’s no discounting the nutritional benefits of consuming fruit every day. The recommended minimum amount of fruits and veggies you should eat every day is five portions of 80 grams each of an assortment of the stuff (via National Health Service). How this looks might vary from person to person and what fruits you decide to add to the table. Fruits are a great source of antioxidant-rich vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

Keep in mind though, that the fruits you decide to add and how much of them you have can also have an unexpected effect on your health. Fruits contain natural sugars — fructose and glucose — but too much consumption of natural sugar, particularly glucose, can raise your blood sugar levels. Also, with so many fruit-based products in the market — juices, smoothies, fruit bars, canned fruit, etc. — it’s easy to think that all fruit is fruit. 

The healthiest way to consume fruit is to have them raw and unprocessed, without added sugars and preservatives of any kind. Even when you make fruit juices at home, try and limit how much you drink. Drinking juice means you end up consuming too much sugar and you’ll also not get the full benefit of the fiber content because you’re juicing the fruits. That being said, there are some fruits you should be adding to your diet, specifically, to boost your immunity. 

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