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The Big Reason Marijuana Makes People So Hungry – Health Digest

“It’s like pressing a car’s brakes and accelerating instead,” said Tamas Horvath, lead author of a 2015 rodent study published in Nature, during a press [more…]

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Do Left-Handed People Actually Die Sooner? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

The researchers pointed out in the 1988 study in Nature that stressors surrounding left-handed people’s birth impeded their longevity. They also suggested that genetics and [more…]

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Turns Out People Actually Die Twice When The End Comes – Health Digest

Brain death is considered an irreversible form of death (per┬áNational Health Services U.K.) Even if people are on life support where failing organs are kept [more…]

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The 8 Most Common Intrusive Thoughts People Experience – Health Digest

Humans are sexual beings, and frequent thoughts of sexuality are perfectly natural. It’s common for people to have these thoughts completely out of the blue, [more…]

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The Weird Reason Some People Pass Out At Weddings – Health Digest

Weddings aren’t the only hot ground for fainting spells. Military personnel standing at attention for long periods of time and choristers expected to stand through [more…]

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Viral TikTok Warns People To Examine Toilet Paper In Public Restrooms For A Startling Reason – Health Digest

While there is no specific data related to blood splotches in toilet paper, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that a person has [more…]

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3 mistakes people make when trying to stay healthy on holiday – Healthista

F45 Trainer Jessica King reveals 3 mistakes┬ápeople make when trying to stay healthy on holiday. She reveals how you can keep your exercise regime going [more…]