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The 12 Most Common Nightmares You’ll Experience While Sleeping – Health Digest

Natural disasters, such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms, can cause emotional stress and trauma even when we’re awake, according to the Substance Abuse [more…]

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What It Means If You Experience Pain While Pooping – Health Digest

Your intestines can succumb to several diseases that leave them inflamed and malfunctioning. The umbrella term for these diseases is “inflammatory bowel disease.” This includes [more…]

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The 8 Most Common Intrusive Thoughts People Experience – Health Digest

Humans are sexual beings, and frequent thoughts of sexuality are perfectly natural. It’s common for people to have these thoughts completely out of the blue, [more…]

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Why You May Experience Unique Food Cravings When Daylight Savings Time Ends – Health Digest

Your sleep cycle is built on the circadian rhythm, which responds to light and dark (via the National Institute of General Medical Sciences). When you [more…]