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The Unexpected Way Your Stomach Can Predict Your Risk Of Cancer – Health Digest

[ad_1] The World Health Organization classifies obesity as anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, and every 5-point increase in BMI[more...]
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Can AI’s ‘Doom Calculator’ Predict Your Death? What We Know – Health Digest

[ad_1] While not all of the health, career, or lifestyle details of the study's participants have been revealed just yet, what we do know is[more...]
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Don’t Love Sarcasm? Here’s What It Can Predict About Your Brain Health – Health Digest

[ad_1] This isn't the first study that's looked at the brain's frontal lobe and how damage or neurodegeneration can lead to difficulty in higher-level cognitive[more...]
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The Hormone That Can Help Predict Your Risk Of Weight Gain – Health Digest

[ad_1] Estrogen plays a pivotal role in regulating various aspects of women's health, including fat distribution. Recent studies have revealed some fascinating insights into the[more...]