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What Happens To Your Brain When You Look At Your Phone First Thing In The Morning – Health Digest

Apparently, your brain has a way in which it usually wakes up and this starts with your cortisol levels rising slowly, per Dr. Jason Singh. [more…]

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking This Popular Medication In The Morning – Health Digest

Your biological clock has a lot to say regarding taking your medications. Micheal Smolensky, professor at the University of Austin, told AARP, “Some drugs are [more…]

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The Best Protein Powder Alternatives For Your Nutritious Morning Smoothie – Health Digest

If you want to keep your smoothie high in protein but steer clear of the additives in protein powders, various milks are a good bet. [more…]

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Nutritionist explains why the gorgeous Amal Clooney enjoys seaweed as part of her morning ritual

The gorgeous Amal Clooney reveals she enjoys a breakfast of seaweed. Nutritionist Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart explains 5 reasons why seaweed is great for your health, [more…]