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Why You Shouldn’t Start A Diet Right After Vacation – Health Digest

Certified personal trainer Daniel Masters thinks the best time to start a diet is today, but the how matters too, per Master Fitness. There’s no [more…]

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Itchy Medical Conditions You Really Shouldn’t Scratch – Health Digest

You know how itchy hives can be if you’ve ever experienced an allergic reaction. Also called urticaria, hives are welts on your skin due to [more…]

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The USDA Explains Why You Shouldn’t Eat An Egg With Cracks – Health Digest

In a 1996 study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, the Health Protection Branch (HPB) of Health Canada (HC) administered a risk assessment [more…]

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The Popular Fruit You Shouldn’t Be Eating By Itself – Health Digest

Conventional wisdom tells us that breakfast is an excellent way to start your morning. But here's one fruit that won't be enough on its own [more…]

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7 physical signs of stress you shouldn’t ignore – plus what can help

From fatigue to cravings, there are some physical signs of stress that probably shouldn’t be ignored. Nutritionist for DIRTEA, Clarissa Berry reveals more, plus what [more…]

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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate Before A Workout – Health Digest

Centralitalliance/Getty Images Going to the gym or hyping yourself up for a workout can be difficult on some days. At times like these, you might [more…]