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Stop The Hiccups Fast With This Easy Cold Water Trick – Health Digest

With more than 51,000 followers on Instagram, Virginia-based physician Dr. Jason Singh offers viewers tips, tricks, and life hacks on everything from managing headaches to [more…]

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What It Means When You Breathe Fast While Sleeping – Health Digest

Everyone’s respiratory rate during sleep is different. Your age can determine a normal respiratory rate. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults can range between 12 [more…]

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Do This With Your Toes To Fall Asleep Fast – Health Digest

To help yourself hit the hay without the aid of medications or gadgets, try laying back in bed and curling your toes down towards your [more…]

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Try This Weird Position To Help You Fall Asleep Fast – Health Digest

It might sound counterintuitive that headstands are calming, especially since you’re sending all that blood to your head. However, according to Healthline, inversions such as [more…]